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A Mum Shares Her Parenting Pet Hates

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

A mum shares her parenting pet hates


I volunteered to write a post on parenting pet peeves  I have a long list so bear with me ladies!!


1- smoking with children in cars!! Arrrgh really really annoys me why?? Why do it!! We all know the risks and the dangers and yet people still do it but they wouldn’t smoke in there homes??? If you want one that bad pull over and get out!!!


2- parents who don’t sit at the table with there children at meal times…I get its not always possible when working long hours juggling a million things but its becoming more of the norm to sit around the tv eating food of your lap, how can people expect children to learn table manners children lead by example, I admit I don’t always manage it but we try our best to sit down as a family and eat tea together its family time, we learn about each others days this way to!!


3-parents who make stupid comments like “if my son/daughter came out as gay I would disown them” well parent of the year award goes to you fools you have loved that child for all that time and what little thing will stop that??? Really really makes my blood boil and I’ve lost friends because they have said such stuff!!


4-sorry if this upsets anyone please remember this is my own personal opinion but babys with there ears pierced, the poor things that hurts and you would do that to your child why??? To look better its a baby not a fashion accessory!!


5- parents who don’t let there girls play with boys toys and vice versa…why do you really think your little girl is going to be mentally damaged by pushing a toy truck around?? Or you little boy playing dolls???


6- lazy mums!! We are all entitled to ask for help, and I don’t mind helping my friends out babysitting changing nappies feeding lo what I do hate is when people come to see this as the norm “oh so and so is coming today means I won’t have to look after little one” eurgh the lo is your child!!


7- parents who allow there child to swear!! I despise this I went a football match recently and there was a little boy sat infront of me f-ing and blinding away he was no older than 5 at first I laughed but then seriously it gets beyond a joke and crosses the line into bad parenting in my eyes,,


Sorry again if I upset any body witth this remember these are my views and by no means means I’m right xxx

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