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A Mum Raped & Forced to Watch Her Partner Have Sex with Other Women Speaks out

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

Today a very brave mum shares with the blog her terrifying experience with a previous partner. Lying about his age was nothing in comparison to the abuse he was about to inflict upon her…..


A mum raped & forced to watch her partner have sex with other women speaks out

It all started when I was 15.  I met this guy,  he told me he was 19 untill I fell in love with him he then decided to tell me he was actually 25. It was 7 months after he told me his actual age our relationship started to go rocky.  Everyone in my family still thought he was 19.  I never told them, they all told me he was bad news but I never listened. I was head over heals of this guy.

Things started to go wrong when he  started snapping at me.


I never thought anything of it,  I always felt that he had a reason too. Two months later it started to go really wrong . He wanted sex all the time,  I told him no,  but he always forced it and basically was raping me.  When I shouted at him to stop he’d punch me in the face or in the ribs and tell me to shut up.

(I know what you must be thinking.  I should have got out a long time ago) but I couldn’t.  I really loved this guy.


This carried on for the next 4 months.  Things really turned for the worse. He used to lock me in the bedroom and wouldnt let me out, he used to force me to watch him have sex with other women. They never said anything,  they loved the fact that I was sat in the corner of the room cowering like a dog.

This carried on for the next 2 years.  Then I decided to tell somebody.


I broke down.  But nobody ever noticed I seemed different. When I told my friend she questioned him about it,  so then he started threatening to kill me.  He even put a knife up to my throat and told me to ring my friend and tell her I was lying.  By this point I knew he was controlling and that he made me loose my best friend.

I got out.  I had to move.  I rang the police and told them what happened but he got let off.

I will never trust a man 100% ever again.

It took me ages to recover.

Even to this day,  3 years later I am still jumpy and have nightmares.


This post is a blog anonymous post – the poster remains anonymous.


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