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A Mothering Milestone: Diaper Free Forever!

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
That's it. After 7 1/2 years of diaper changing I am finished! No more diapers! The Boy, as noted in the past few posts, decided underwear were his thing at a rather inconvenient time, but it was time nevertheless. He's in one at night, but he's staying dry until the very early morning, so I know if I stay motivated, he'll be out of them completely within days.
I realized last week that it was my own lack of motivation holding him back and that I had to encourage him more. It was if that realization sent a message to him without words ever being spoken. It's a little miracle... but not really. He's been ready for a while; he just needed a push and I did too. Getting down to the last two diapers when I was having car problems and no access to cash was the motivation I needed!
This truly is a mothering milestone. It feels like a rite of passage somehow. No more babies, no more diapers. Just three children who are growing at breathtaking speed and are somehow turning out beautifully amid my myriad mistakes. Three children who make me proud and happy and crazy. Three children who, no matter how tall they grow, will always be my babies.

A Mothering Milestone: Diaper Free Forever!

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