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A More Welcome Little Visitor

By Sue15cat
A More Welcome Little Visitor   This happy little chap runs round the fence of Chicken World on a regular basis, the chickens seems fascinated by him and have got used to his frequent presence.  Of course it may not be the same squirrel all the time, but somehow he just seems so at home there and as he only nibbles at a few layers pellets every time he visits he is a very welcome little visitor.   The 'unwelcome visitors',  the sheep are still in the paddock, at least I suppose we are getting the grass cut, but I'm still not happy.  Lovely Hubby will sort it all out this weekend I hope.  We need to really as we are putting up two runs of fences.    One will be on the far side of the new fruit trees, which will divide the paddock from the food growing area and one is going on the driveway side of where the poly and net tunnels will be.  Both will have a large gate for vehicular access and a smaller one for people, but which will be able to be opened together to let larger vehicles through.  It should make things neater and safer.  We will be able to padlock them and keep our trailers safer until the garages are built later this year.   We have a nice man with a 'post knocker' on his tractor coming to get all the large posts into place, so much easier and quicker than LH having to bash them all in with a sledgehammer like he did for Chicken World.   Sue xx

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