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A Moot Point

Posted on the 08 February 2011 by Pelski
A Moot Point
I was introduced to Pional's productions by the on-point charts and mixes of Cottam and John Talabot. Pional's 'In Another Room' was a 2010 highlight. Its slow chugging momentum - all pent-up house-beats - makes for the perfect set opener. The abundance of low-end emanating from those gentle thuds are balanced by a sprinkling of sharp, metallic highs. A sublime production:
Pional - In Another Room [pelski highly recommends] {192kbps via Pitchfork} {buy}
Pional's remix of Sparks is another freebie up for grabs. His production again relies on weighty, drudging bass beats, here underlying a set of shimmering synth loops.
Stainboy - Sparks (Pional's Remix) [pelski highly recommends]
Of Pional's limited discography, his latest - 'We've Been Waiting For You' - comes up trumps, with its uplifting progression, ascending piano chords and neatly placed strings. The whole thing moves forward, rising and swelling with stunning grandeur, making for an epic slo-mo houser:
Pional - We've been waiting for you (Original Mix) by Pional
On the subject of nu-disco, Pitchfork threw this one out a couple of weeks ago. Giving it his typically tasty Balearic makeover, John Talabot once again demonstrates his penchant for steel pans:
Shit Robot - Take 'Em Up (John Talabot Remix) (Shortened Edit) [pelski highly recommends]

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