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A Month is Gone, WHAT’S NEXT?

By Simonettha

When I came up with the idea of ​​opening this magazine I could only imagine where it would take me but now, after only a month I can only be grateful to all the people who have been featured so far. All the artists, designers and all the amezing people who, with their words, inspired me and thousands (yes, already thousands) of readers.Their words have been able to give emotions, new points of view on the world, art, self-expression.

Every interview, every single article has been the source of new ideas and what I hope above all is that through SO WOW new interplay between the people involved can be born and readers can be increasingly curious about new possibilities and be more open to new horizons and new cultures.

I want everyone who collaborates with SO WOW to feel fully valued. What I understand after a month running this magazine, is that it does not count how many followers you have but the quality of what you propose which unfortunately is often not appreciated enough. This is the main reason I do what I’m doing, give space and voice to those creative and interesting people who has something to say and share with the world.

What’s next? It’s time to make some order with the content and have a real agenda. In addition to our daily content, every Monday there will be THE SOCIAL ADVISOR where you will weekly discover new fantastic, so wow social profiles to follow and be inspired by. Every Friday you will have THE FRIDAY LIST, a list of top movies, TV series, places, suggestions and much more to be discovered in view of the weekend. Are you ready?

But that’s not all. THE SO WOW PROJECT will be launched soon but to find out more, stay tuned!

For now, thank you so much for all the support and if you have any question or feedback just write a comment down below or email us!

Simonettha MasterP.

A month is gone, WHAT’S NEXT?

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