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A Moment {17/52}

By Owlandtwine
A Moment  {17/52}
Behind the lens it is the single moment that I am lucky enough to bear witness to that makes me so passionate about this art form that is photography.  It takes just a quick moment to see and capture, yet the story unraveling before the eye is full of layers.  Those layers evoke the senses - the fabric of life woven together to tell a story.  This is where truth dwells, and time, and the richness that is life.  To me, this is the real art of photography.
I snapped this photo of Theo yesterday.  We were riding the hiker's bus to a trail head in Rocky Mountain National Park.  I can only imagine what was going through his mind as the bus rattled down the gravely road, nothing but a cloud of purple dust behind us.  His thoughts darting across the road like a chubby marmot.  The world, wondrous and magnificent and huge.  At least I hope.
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