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A Miracle! Lightning Did NOT Strike Mike Pence!

Posted on the 13 September 2016 by Doggone
A Miracle!  Lightning did NOT strike Mike Pence!I am shocked, SHOCKED, that in the midst of so egregiously lying through his teeth, that Pence was not fried by a bolt from heaven.
Hillary Clinton is correct when she describes substantial numbers of Trump supporters (and therefore Pence supporters) as deplorables.
It does not matter if you are a hard working American or a religious American, IF you also are a hateful bigot.
You are a bigot if you try to deny the LGBT the rights to be treated as full and equal human beings.  LGBT people work hard too. You are a bigot if you are racist; you are a bigot if you support the many ways the right treats women as second class citizens.  You are a bigot if you have fear and antipathy towards immigrants and towards people of different religions than your own - notably Muslims, but in some cases on the right also anti-Judaism.
Those things make an American a deplorable person; they do so because these people are harmful and unfair to other Americans.  There are Americans who genuinely suffer and are victimized by these deplorables, while their contributions are no better than those towards whom they are bigoted.
David Duke is one of those deplorable human beings.  Mike Pence refuses to call him out as a deplorable human being, or to call out his behavior and beliefs. Mike Pence uses the excuse that he is not a name-caller.
This from the man who daily calls Hillary crooked Hillary, despite the lack of any criminal conviction. 
This from the man who is on the same ticket as a man convicted of racism, and who is credibly accused of sexual harassment, sexual assault and rape, as well as a long history of rampant misogyny and ethnic bias, a promiscuous serial adulterer married to a porn queen, who engages in widespread fraud and corruption.
Oh, Mike Pence -- BEWARE!  That much lying and hypocrisy could still get you that zap from above!  That goes for you Mike Pence, and the guy next to you, with the bleached dead racoon on his head and the tiny but greedy grasping hands.

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