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A Love Like the Sun and Earth ...

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
A love like the sun and earth ...
On Love ...There is a story, that once upon a time, God created the galaxies, and within it somewhere our sun and earth, to eventually give life to us. After many and many years that they both remained harmoniously in the cosmos, many of us have raised their hands in prayer and in question as to how both have been warm and peaceful towards each other?*  Hafiz of Persia describesit beautifully in one of his verses:
Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
"You owe me."
Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the whole sky.
What a wonderful thing to say. And what a wonderful thing to experience. A love that lights up your world. And it could be any kind of love. Not just lovers, but parents, children, friends, colleagues, a passerby, the old man at the till, somebody who helped you when your car broke down. Don’t you think it’s true? That love exists between every human being, because of the mere fact that we are all alike. That despite all the hate and wars in this world, life still goes on, because there is hope. Because we still believe we can survive, somehow, by force or by accepting. And life still moves on because there are more of us who love, than the ones who like to hate. I think love lives in different forms on this earth. Love has different names. To me, love is respect. Love is appreciation. Love is being hopeful. Love is trust. Love is faith. Love is power. Love is helping a random stranger. Love is sympathy. Love is compassion. Love is ambition. Love is to hold on, and love is also to move on. Love is the strongest emotion a person feels. Love is forgiving. Love is forever giving. 
But how does it work? Why does the earth never feel excess of the light our sun is sending it? How does the sun know how much distance to keep?  And why does love sometimes, and sometimes often, go wrong?
Love is forever giving. Never expecting. And I think that's how the sun and earth have had such a harmonious everlasting relationship. They never ask of each other. They just give. They work two ways. The ancient sun, symbol of light and hope, gives the earth a sense of pride. And earth, solid ground and under the sun, small yet vast, humbles the sun down. 
On Expectation ...One thing I know and have learnt, is to live a complete and content life, we need to stop expecting. Expecting from each other. But it is in the very nature of man! Remember being hopeful and expecting something out of the other are two different things. The first is about faith in each other, and the latter about simply waiting on somebody to do something that we want. To expect is to keep ourselves bound to our very own weaknesses. Don't expect from others, but only yourself. Ask yourself what you want. Communicate. Talk to the others, and before that listen. Expectation is the root of all heartache, you must have heard that, so don't fall into its trap. The moment we stop complaining how bad something is, what is nice becomes evident. Nothing is perfect, and it takes time and patience for us to come in terms with it. We need to be the change, not the others. And life will unfold, hopefully, in the most beautiful way ...
The Other ...Often, we are so blinded by the things we want and desire in our lives, that we forget what the other wants and how it will affect them. So stubborn and determined with how we want a relationship, a task to workout in our own perfect way that we forget to meet the other halfway. Because after all this life is about sharing, about balancing the odds of it. And when we lose the precious, the one we’ve been ungrateful for, the one we did not see because we had been blinded by the things we wanted, then, we regret, we lament, we wish we could change the past and realize how precious and great it was, the time that has passed by and flown into a memory. And then we change. Change ourselves. Sometimes it's too late, and sometimes it's never ...
*I have used the sun and earth as a symbolic example

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