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A Love Letter to a Faithful Friend of FOTM

By Eowyn @DrEowyn


The FOTM reader and commenter who goes by the alias Richard M Nixon (deceased) is in a hospice.

His health rapidly deteriorating, RMN is no longer able to continue writing on his political parody blog, Dead Republican Party. On February 11, RMN posted a “Final Post” and is told his life expectancy is a mere three more months, his “clock” estimated to expire on June 5, 2014.

It was only a week ago that RMN, in a comment on FOTM, informed us of his condition:

“I too am nearing my end, a Hospice patient with bare months left. I am calm and happy to be going home to God. I continue to be involved with my Church, volunteer groups and with my neighbors. By accepting Christ’s sacrifice for my sins and following His teachings I know with calm assurance where I will spend eternity.”

As tears stream down my face, my sorrow is alleviated only by my admiration for our friend’s resolute conviction and abiding faith in God.

Coming Home

Please pray that our Lord Jesus the Christ grace RMN, our friend and brother in Christ, with His peace, serenity, and a love that’s deeper than any ocean and more expansive than the Universe.

RMN, when you’re with Christ and among the heavenly army of angels and saints, please remember and pray for us who still struggle on this mortal coil.

With love,

~Eowyn and all of us at FOTM

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