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A #lostpassion to Re-cultivate: Arts and Crafts’ Hobby!

Posted on the 31 December 2015 by Amreen Shaikh @Amu1312
A #lostpassion to re-cultivate: Arts and Crafts’ Hobby!

When asked about one #lostpassion in my life, I would promptly say, Arts and Crafts. As a kid, I was always fond of creating something out of paper or drawing cartoons, or handmade gifts for my friends and family. I always looked forward to my school competitions, so I could invest into a crafty expertise. And the appreciation wasn't ever far away. I made sure that every time, I participate, I must be the most unique and hence, my craft creations always won a prize.

During summer holidays, I would watch Craft Channels for Kids, like, Art Attack, MAD (Music Art Dance) to learn something new every time and then would practice it and decorate my home with them. Decorating greeting cards with glitter, objects, pop-up cards, making paper cutting art drawing, decorating the fish tank with velvet paper in a roof-top design, paper roses, cloth stuffed toys, crafts with newspaper, scrap-booking crafts and clay art were some of my favorite. Even for Geography and Science projects, I would do a lot of research and recycle old stuffs at home to create something new and useful. While I write this, I feel how a passionate crafts person I was!

And now, with work taking over, I don't have enough time to do crafts or even create something new. But, now with the year coming to an end and when I reflect onto the past times and moments, I feel giving time to forgotten hobbies and leisure fun is needed. Hence, I resolute or to say the least, I decide to at least make something beautiful and unique once every month, and share it with my readers, friends and followers.

With Pinterest, crafts is more fun now, as it is flooded with beautiful, creative and awesome ideas for anything. And obviously when I signed into it, I immediately followed Crafts section. My Pinterest feed has since been flooded with tempting craft inspirations, DIYs, and how-tos, and that to some extent has inspired the hobby of crafts in me.

So with this, I would like to ask you, What is your one such #lostpassion, which you feel should be restarted in your life, once again? Come on! There must be at least one, isn't it? Why not share it in the comments section, so we can have a great chat?

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