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A Lord Of The Rings Read-Along: Who’s In?

By Robert Bruce @robertbruce76

It’s time.

I haven’t embarked on a reading adventure like this since my Infinite Jest adventure that took around 6 weeks. That seems like a trillion years ago, though it was only about three.

But now, it again is time.

This time, though, I want your help. Let’s have a Lord of the Rings read-along!

It’s summer time now. You’ve got vacations coming up, maybe some off time hanging out around the house, and a book like LOTR is perfect for that, isn’t it?

So let’s read through it together.

We’ll start next Thursday, June 12. That’s when I’ll preview the book here on the blog.

Other than that, I don’t have any formal plan for this, so I’d love your ideas on what you might have done in internet-based read-alongs in the past. I’ve never done them, so I’m a newbie on this subject.

I thought about maybe opening up the blog every now and then and letting one of you guys post about a certain passage of the book or maybe a certain theme within a certain passage.

I have no idea. Do share your thoughts.

So who’s in?

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