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A Look Back: More DIY Halloween Costumes

By Myjoneses
Wednesday's post showcased the boys' Halloween Costumes for this year.  But here's a look at years past:
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesFranken- CyCy's 2nd Halloween (he was about 18 months old) he went as Frankenstein or as we called him Franken-Cy!Black shoes, sweat pants and the jacket is made out of a 2T long sleeve top.  I cut the front down the center and shaped it like a jacket or blazer with a collar made out of felt.  I think it had little pockets too.  A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesMy favorite thing that you can't see is the lined inside in purple leopard print and the funky purple, green buttons down the front you can see.  His head/ hat was made out of bright green fleece.  I used a hat he had as a template.  There's a little "pillow" at the top inside for the high Frankenstein forehead.   Black felt hair piece cut and glued on.  The bolts are corks painted silver.
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesThe next year Cy got to pick whatever he wanted to be.  He picked Swiper from Dora.  Here he is trick or treating at Wegmans.
For the body of the costume I made a jumpsuit out of orange fabric, there's a slit in the back and two ties to hold it together.  Yellow fabric was added for the belly.  The hat is the same orange fabric made into a bonnet hat with ties.  A Look Back: More DIY Halloween Costumes Swiper's face was made at the top of the hat using the yellow and orange fabric, white felt, blue fabric and puffy paints.  I started with the yellow nose shape, which has teeth attached and sized/ shaped the rest around it.  Blue gloves finished off the outfit.  That's Max the Gorilla with Swiper before trick or treating!
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesAnd last year we had Toy Story inspiration.  Woody and the Alien.
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween Costumes
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween Costumes  Cy as Woody.  It was great we used jeans and a yellow shirt with some touch up and accessories.  I made the vest out of white fleece with black cow spots in fleece, with black thread to finish the edges.  
Cy's belt, holster and boots are made out of a stiffer brown felt.  Boots just slip over his shoes the belt buckle is gold sparkle foam hot glued together.  With puffy paint I added the thin strip lines and painted "buttons" down the front.  Hat and bandana complete Woody. 
A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesLil' baby Sage was only a couple months old last year.  Cy picked the Alien from Toy Story for his new little brother.  His outfit is actually made from a 2T tshirt, you can see it laying on the floor in that first shot of Cy as Woody above. 

I kept the collar and top hem, trimming in the arms and making the bottom of the shirt into two legs.  The planet on the shirt is painted on.  The hat and little mittens are made out of bright green fleece (which was left over from Cy's frankenstein costume 2 years ago!)  The hat is a little cap or beanie with the antenna and ears sewn on, googly eyes glued and puffy paint smile. 

If you couldn't tell we really like Halloween and getting ready for Halloween in our house!A Look Back: More DIY Halloween CostumesSubscribe in a reader

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