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A Long Week

By Sue15cat
A Long Week
Phew .... it's been a long week.  
What with the changeable weather, painters showing up/not showing up, builders picking things up, guys dropping off chippings, non-stop watering in the polytunnel, clearing up after escaping chickens who love to rummage around in the chippings that Lovely Hubby has placed so carefully around the plants, and the general day to day hectic-ness of living with two hyperactive Jack Russells and a seemingly permanently hungry Pug,  and if you top it all off with a cat that keeps bringing in mice for the Jack Russells to chase around the chest freezer, I mean never have you seen two dogs so obsessed with a chest freezer and what lurks beneath it .... I need a lie down and a long cool, very alcoholic drink!!
By the way that's not Suky in the top picture ......
A Long Week
... this is Suky !!
Sue xx

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