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A Little Update & a Little Help Needed :)

By Abigailhutton @AbigailHutton_

Sorry I’ve been so rubbish lately.. I honestly don’t know whether I am coming or going at the moment which makes it very hard to sit back down and do some designing again. Graduating from University has been odd.. I went to New Designers and got a lot of interest and had some great feedback.. Potentially some future prospects, but it all seems like such a waiting game.
Between then and now I have also interned at Designers Guild, which I absolutely loved and would give my left arm to be given the opportunity to work there.


In the mean time, I potentially have something exciting lined up, but the meeting is yet to take place (again.. the waiting game). So I have decided to throw caution to the wind and invest my savings into having some of my designs digitally printed onto silks, and sell them to boutiques around the country. When I was interviewed by the panel at Texprint, they strongly encouraged that I approach Liberty with them. So I will! Nothing like a bit of ambition!

But what I am really struggling to find out at the moment, is where to have scarves roll hemmed. I have searched high and low on google and I am finding nothing. If anyone has any info on where to send batches of silk scarves to be hemmed, I would be so grateful!

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