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A Little Sookie Season 5 Promo Analysis

Posted on the 17 April 2012 by Eric And Sookie Lovers @EricSookieLover

A Little Sookie Season 5 Promo AnalysisAs well as airing the new Terry / Patrick “Waiting Sucks” last weekend, HBO also aired a short promo entitled “Spring Image Spot”, featuring a whole load of our favorite shows. Included in this promo were a few True Blood  snippets that were seen in the previous promo, plus the additional little Sookie moment we can see below. And of course as it’s our girl Sookie, and we need something to occupy us as we count down the days, (now just  54 sleeps until the viking returns to pillage our television screens), we all need to know just what the heck is going on!

A Little Sookie Season 5 Promo Analysis

Well it’s looking like the sun is going down,  and our best bet is that Sookie is knelt in her front yard anxiously awaiting the return of someone (or someones) rising from the earth below. She’s looking serious but not too distressed (not yet!), and as this is the same outfit that she wore when she rejected Alcide’s offer of help in their “Waiting Sucks” promo, we strongly suspect the reason she and Laffy wanted rid of the silly wolf-man, despite the obvious danger that Russell Edgington turning up on her door step at any time past sunset might cause, was that they are staying at home to  see if their beloved Tara can be resurrected in any un-dead shape or form.

A Little Sookie Season 5 Promo Analysis

A Little Sookie Season 5 Promo Analysis

Whilst anyone trying to get rid of Alcide has our sympathy, there is bound to be so much more to it than Laffy just having a bad (cardigan) day. Let’s just hope that whatever secret reason the duo has for wanting to stay at home, without the more than slightly annoying were-whatever trotting along beside them,  that all goes according to plan ……………………….of course as this is Bon Temps, there ain’t actually much chance of that!

So do you agree with our theory that (some form of) Tara will be rising from the earth some time soon, possibly with  Pam along side her? Or is it far too obvious a stunt for True Blood to pull?

Here’s the whole of the HBO Promo:

And special thanks to Barbara at Skarsgard Fans for the screen caps.

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