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A Little Something for the Weekend

By Karl @cartoonistdiary
A little something for the weekendI really do intend to post more here, but the last few weeks have been just so busy for me.
I thank all those of you who keep coming back to see what I'm up to (I can see you in the stats although I don't know who you are); it really is heartening to realize that I'm not doing this for nothing and that there are people, lots of people out there who are interested enough in what I do to keep on coming back.
By way of a quick post for the weekend here's a pump clip I've just designed for a pub I work with. Having done the clip in the lovely sunny warm weather we are experiencing at present, and it being Friday with the whole weekend to go at, I may very well go and sample the delicious beer I've been illustrating.
Anyway, with promises of a lots more posts to come, including samples of my new collection of short stories, and even more tutorials and silly takes on my life, I'll leave you with this illustration and my very best wishes for a great weekend, whatever you do.
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