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A Little Macro Photography Number 5

By Dewandemmer @dewandemmer

Dewan Demmer Photography

Flowers Macro by Dewan Demmer Photography

Closeup Flower Macro #2 by Dewan Demmer Photography

Closeup Flower Macro #5 by Dewan Demmer Photography

Very Closeup Flowers Macro by Dewan Demmer Photography

I do not often get out and play with the macro, well of course during any event or wedding I will do some macro as a mmatter of course. Now I do not often just pull out the lenses with the single intention of doing a bit of macro photography.

Macro can be a great way to learn something new about how to approach your subject and how to handle your environment. I will say from the start macro requires patience, and that is a rule I would say all photography requires, whether you are taking a landscape portrait or zooming down to the smallest most delicate of insects.

The method of macro, how close I want to be to my subject, how I want to handle the depth of field and how much post processing are all part of my consideration with macro.
Macro tends to have a extremely shallow depth of field that needs to be considered, which is a great for effect but troublesome when it comes to getting a full set of crystal details.

I do not pretend to know all the tricks, in fact I will not claim anything. The most I will claim is I know where the button is to click.

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