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a Little Clarification, and a Big Haircut

By Lindsayleighbentley @lindsayLbentley

On a random note, I had to share a picture from a dessert I made the other night.  Vanilla Ice Cream, Organic Blueberries, and Homemade (still warm) shortbread cookies.

All-Natural? Yes.

Delicious? Yes.

Healthy? No.

Worth It? Definitely.


Ok, so yesterday I wrote about helping our kids learn to eat healthy foods.  I did want to clarify: while we do insist that they eat the foods that they are given, we don’t require them to “clean their plate”.  I feel that forcing kids to eat everything can actually be quite damaging, promoting over-eating and anxiety when it comes to mealtime.

The problem we were having with Henry was his refusal to even try anything on his plate at dinner time.  Yesterday, I am happy to report that he ate 3/4 of the plate, really did seem to be full, and so we let him be finished.  It’s tricky, because I want our kids to stop eating before they are completely stuffed, while still requiring that they eat what they are given.

That’s where small portions come into play.  They are always welcome to more!  

Babies almost always leave a few bites behind, even when it is their favorite food, and I don’t want to undo this natural response from the body to stop when satisfied!

I hope this makes sense…like I always say, we are just learning how to do this parenting thing!

So, also, Henry got a haircut today.  We have always said that our kids are free to pick their haircuts and hairstyles, clothes they want to wear, etc.  So, even though I LOVED his long, beautiful hair, I took him to the salon with me today for a cut.  He had been asking for a few weeks to have it cut like Edmond from Narnia, and like his Papa, but with hair on top


photo 2-29
I can’t get enough of his adorable ears!

photo 1

He looks 2 years older to me and I’m trying not to be too emotional about it!

He LOVES it…sniff…sniff…so handsome.

live well. be well.

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