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A Little Bit of Everything - Week 8

By Greengirl @GrinGarl

Yeeeeeeeee, it's weekend again. As usual, today I'm going to talk about a recipe I tried shared by one of my wonderful foodie friends
Before I'll do that I'd like to make o recap of this week's postsCouscous and Berry Salad
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A little bit of everything - week 8
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And also today it's the last day you can send Nancy an email with your best recipe.  
I've decided to send these buns to Nancy's best recipe round-up 
A little bit of everything - week 8
Back to this week's recipe
A little bit of everything - week 8
The recipe of these two tone buns I saw on Sharon's blog. If you're a passionate baker than you know you rarely find a recipe that calls for cake flour, baking powder and yeast. Actually, this is the first time I see this type of dough. Of course I got so intrigued by the ingredients that I just have to make them. Only one problem thou, the buns had to be steamed. OopsBut that didn't take them out of my head. I knew there's be a way to bake them. After all I've baked so many breads/rolls I've lost count. 
A little bit of everything - week 8
Oh, but the best part doesn't stop here. They are filled with a delicious, addictive chocolate hazelnut spread we all love : Nutella
A little bit of everything - week 8
See why I couldn't resist them? 
Two tone Nutella filled buns
for complete list of ingredients and direction on how to make the dough click here
After you have your dough filled, place the buns on a baking tray and leave them at room temperature around 5 minutes while you preheat the oven at 375F. Bake for about 13-14 minutes.
before getting them into the oven
A little bit of everything - week 8
after baking (3 of them broke out,  I'm thinking next time to make 10 instead of 12 or put a little less Nutella)
A little bit of everything - week 8
Thank you Sharon for the recipe. We all loved them. They are so light and I'm pretty sure steamed they are even lighter. Since it doesn't take long to make them I have the feeling are going to bake lots of buns
A little bit of everything - week 8
Take my word for granted and make these buns, baked, steamed, whatever you choose you're not going to regret making them. They are perfect for breakfast or as a afternoon snack.
For complete recipe and directions visit Sharon's blog, be polite and say Hi
That's about it for today, hope you're having a wonderful weekend, enjoyed reading and come again soon.As usual, Roxana
Thanks for your vote
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