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A Little Bit of Everything - Week 13

By Greengirl @GrinGarl
I can't believe it is April already.Did you got fooled yesterday? I did :(( Every year I do and tell myself it's the last time but I always forget. 

Today we planned to go to DC to walk the streets and see the bloomed cherries but around lunch it started to rain followed by sleet. To everyone's surprise I stayed away from the kitchen and spend the day drawing on coloring books and keeping Tiffany away from trying the crayons on the walls.I wanted to write a post about my photography but with so many great tutorials on different blogs I gave up the idea. I have nothing new to bring to the table, to be honest, I'm far from being an expert. 

A little bit of everything - week 13
As you probably know during the month of March I featured few recipes of some wonderful Lady bloggers who helped me with my blog. For tonight I was thinking to make just a recap of all these delicious recipes. 

Sour Cream Cut-Out Cookies

Blueberry Bliss Bars

Homemade Granola Bars

Hungarian Lecsó 

Gooey Sticky Cinnamon Buns 

Pumpkin, Pear and Potato Soup

Honey pine nuts muffins 

Bright Green Asparagus Soup

Apple Raspberry Sauce and Ricotta Pancakes

Nutella Banana Mini Muffins 

Spring Sugar Cookies 

Sweet Potato Rolls

Cheddar Cheese Bites 

Chocolate filled Buns

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