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a Little at Home Art

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
a little at home art Supplies: any size canvas, blue painters tape, brushes and paint! 
a little at home art STEP ONE: put down in tape what you want to be white in the end.  STEP TWO: draw out lines for the stripes, I did these about an inch. 
a little at home art  Classy paint pallet on a piece of a box... I did some mixing of colors because I did not particularly like the ones that came in the set.  a little at home art STEP THREE: paint away! 
a little at home art Because I was not a fan of the colors I went a little crazy over them,  turning out prettier than I imagined! 
a little at home art
STEP FOUR: pull off the tape once the paint is dry! 
I also made a cute blue and yellow tri delta one for my friends, the striped were bigger and I used the canvas going in the other direction. It came out so cute, I cannot wait to do more! 
They are the perfect gift. It was cheap, easy and took no time at all! 

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