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A Lipstick and Accessory: L’Oreal Shine Caresse Wetstain in Princess

By Genzelkisses

I hope all of you are enjoying your Fridays.  Mine was like -meh.. because of my crappy internet connection.  You know that feeling when you want to throw-away your laptop and modem and crush them with feelings!  Haha I can imagine myself!  Okay, so I thought I must post something pretty to brighten up my dull mood the whole day.  This is gonna be a review of my current favorite lip product, L’Oreal Shine Caresse Wetstain <3

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

L’Oreal Shine Caresse Wetstain in Princess 801

6ml | P595.00 (approx. $14)

I got this from my BDJ Elite Box by L’Oreal last November.  You can read about my unboxing post here.  The moment I saw it, I already feel in love with the packaging!  It’s honestly one of those lip products that I wanna try for the longest time and I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback about it.

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

Shine with soft moist lips!  Shine Caresse’s ultra-light fluid texture immediately melts onto the lips for a long-lasting moist-effect combined with completely unprecedented comfort and freshness, redefines shine with an all new sensation of soft moist lips.

True to its claim, it’s one of the moisturizing lip product that I’ve tried.  My lips get dry so easily and it’s really hard to find something that will really work for me on that department but guess what?  I’ve found one!  I also love the classic details of the tube.

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801


I cannot argue with the packaging.  It’s extremely adorable for me.  The box has that window for you to see the shade.  It’s also glossy, white gold and black.  I totally love it!

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

On top you can find the shade name.  I got Princess, because I’m a princess! lol

It is said to be the first lip color to fuse with your lips: rich refined color yet a barely-there lip sensation.  Lips feel cocooned in a fresh, dewy sensation.  It just feels a bit sticky when I applied but it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips.  Indeed, it’s barely-there!

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

I so love its applicator!  It’s not the regular doe-foot one.  I like this because it spreads the product evenly on my lips plus the pointed shape makes it easier for me to trace my lip line so I can concentrate on the shape of my lips.  It can get enough product too, so no need to dip the applicator a couple of times.  I just don’t find it hygienic for doing that quite often right?

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

List of Ingredients

Some of you are really keen with this info before you buy or try something, so here you go!

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

Hand Swatch

It’s a wetstain or lipstain so don’t expect super opaque results and I love it!  It may be sheer but the color is buildable.

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

Lip swatch

To achieve this kind of opacity, I applied around 2-3 coats.  Don’t be fooled!  It may look so shiny on the picture because of my lighting but I’m telling you, it’s gorgeous on the  lips!  It’s like a just bitten lip color.

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

Okay so, can you see my pores? LOL

Downside of this is that, it makes my teeth look a bit yellowish in photos (not as much in person).  I know that I may have braces but it’s not as yellow as when I’m wearing other lipstick or other shade.  Despite of this, I still like using this wetstain.  It has great lasting power, take note, GREAT.  When it’s totally dried after a minute or two, it doesn’t transfer!  Yippeee!  I know how it feels when you bumped into one of your belongings and you leave a kissmark? Haha.

Loreal Shine Caress - Princess 801

Aside from being nice and pretty lip stain, it also works as an accessory in your bag or a display on your makeup station.  It is a beauty product that will blow those shyness away if you want to retouch in public.  I display it on top of my makeup cabinet.  It gives me positive vibes when my eyes catch pretty things around.



♥  Pretty packaging, both box and the product itself

♥  No weird smell.  For me it smells like wine but not noticeable when applied.  I sniffed the applicator ^_^

♥  Very moisturizing

♥  Awesome lasting power

♥  Doesn’t transfer and settle on the crevices of the lips

♥  It fades unevenly but it’s very easy to retouch.  I have some lipsticks wherein I have to use lip scrub so my lips are smooth again before I retouch.

♥  Buildable color and very easy to work with


✿  Some may find it pricey for P595.00

✿  Feels sticky when applied but when it dries, it just feels normal – barely there as they say.


☑  If you know you’ll be eating or drinking, make sure you have it with you so you can retouch because it fades a little when you eat and sometimes it’s uneven so, you don’t want some patches here and there on your lips right?


Yes! I want the pink one!  It will look pretty as well for sure!



Definitely love this product.  I would love it more if it’s not sticky on the lips and doesn’t fade that much when I eat.  I’m a kind of person who loves to munch something often so those improvements will be truly appreciated.  I can’t complain with the packaging, it’s pretty.  Its longevity is amazing!


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