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A Letter to Baby Me

By Shimmerofpink @shimmerofpink
Hellooo shimmers,
I have seen a few things like this going around. It is writing a letter to your younger self, what would you tell them, what advice etc. Since it is  my 19th Birthday tomorrow I thought it would be a lovely thing to do. It may be long but I wanted to do it as something to look back on in a few years time. Here we go.
Dear Baby Laura,
A letter to baby me
Welcome to the world its 2nd May 1995 and the time is 18:18. You have been born into the most loving and caring family you could wish for. They will spoil you, love you and keep you on the right track.

The next 12 months are going to be difficult for you, mom and dad. We are ill with meningitis, but stay strong you will get through it.
Your baby brother will be born in November 1998, his name is Callum. Even if he is annoying you will love him with all your heart. *ps please don't put him on a space hopper when you are 4 and he is 1 his feet can't touch the ground!* We make an amazing big sister, not 100% sure he would agree but we are!
Nursery will be amazing and you will meet a friend for life Ellie. As well as a best friend Abby who you keep in touch with but eventually drift apart from over time.
Life throws us a lot of obstacles, Grandad sadly leaves our life when we are 4. Give him as much love as possible. He is an amazing man, very clever and an amazing wooden boat maker.

We will grow up in the loving home that is our home to this day (aged 18). We will gang up on our little bro but he loves us anyway. *ps another warning, never go on rollerblades pushing a pram and holding onto callum on his bike...we crash into the side of a parked car!*
We go to a lot of weddings over the years! But the stand out two will be Auntie Fiona and Uncle John's; and Uncle Malc and Auntie Sonia's. We get to be flower girls and we love it and feel like princesses.Primary school is amazing, we are very good at falling over but thats okay. So many friends and lovely memories. Ellie goes to the same primary school and is always round at the house. She moves away but only a few miles away so we always say friends.
Aged 10 we get a rabbit, its not quite the dog we begged for, but we love it care for it and it becomes part of our family. his name is Sootie and he is another of our best friends. He lives for 7 years and is crazy rabbit who loves pink plant pots!
We learn to ski and go on some amazing skiing holidays during our childhood, especially those with family friends Nicola and Katrina, who will become like sisters to you and so will our family friend Kirsten. Skiing holidays to Canada with Nicola and Katrina are memorable to say the least! A little warning; Nicola and ourselves get stuck on a glacier in skis, but dad comes to the rescue.
We also go on some fun summer holidays, we love the caravan holidays, and the people we meet on them. Also Florida is a holiday to look forward too.
High school; we love and hate it. Some fantastic times some not so great times. *Ps. Please though don't go through the chav stage and if you do don't get your passport photo taken during that stage!*
One of the biggest challenges you will face will be in 2008, Granny Wilson passes away. It still hurts the fact she is no longer in our lives, she maybe gone but she is in heaven with grandad, she missed him so much, and it still brings tears to my eyes just writing this but we love her and cherish her and learn about all the inspiration things she does for others. She helps to set up Scottish Spina Bifida association, Dads twin (uncle jon) has spina bifida. Granny is an inspirational lady.
Not all your friends are true friends, there are a few we run into bother with, but just let them float by. Also boys...some good some not so good, but it will be fun finding that out for yourself ;)
3rd Year at high school is a major year for us and probably shapes who I am today. We are very ill (I have to say we are good at being ill, but this time it is serious). Being ill for two years, makes you grow up fast, mature. You must keep strong and keep the positive attitude, mum, dad, Callum, gran and gramps are there for you. They try to stay strong for you too. The Drs never diagnose it and yes it is frustrating but stick with them you will be better, its a long progress and takes time. Don't give up, some days are very hard. Also they will send you to a psychologist, she is lovely and although you don't particularly want to go, just go she helps you talk things through. You will learn more about yourself, your will power, your love for others and hate, your strength and your body. We also learn we are clever, you may miss two years of school but with the help of mom and a couple of tutors you ace your 4th years exams! True friends stand out from the crowd. This is also when you find blogging and the blogging community, they are your rock and keep you going. It fills those spare hours and gives you an escape from the world that feels like it is suffocating you.
In 5th year we are on the mend, take it easy but work hard. The exam results aren't perfect but don't worry we make it to university.
6th and final year of school, take modern studies and business, this will be the best year of school ever. Jill, Siobhan and Claire will be you best friends and your biggest supports. Modern studies will be one of your favorite classes. With Jill, siobhan and claire around you we get into quite a bit of mischief, will love the class and the teachers. We meet Iona in business class who is hilarious and such a fun loving character, she will make those study periods bearable!
Prom is epic and so much fun, let loose and enjoy.
Our 18th Birthday party is also epic we have a ceilidh with friends and family. So many people come we have an amazing time.
Your extended family will grow with cousins all over the place. First there is Sarah, then comes the Irish bunch; Finlay, Cara and Ross. You will be godmother to Ross, which is such an amazing honor and responsibility.
We then go to Edinburgh University to study psychology. We love it. First year we meet amazing friends; Annie, Chloe, Brenna, Olivia, Maddie, Issy, Madeline, Annick, Laura, Helen, Kate and many more. We are in the choir & create society. We are also big hit with the Americans! 
And that brings us to now, preparing to sit our first year exams, about to turn 19. Let the memories continue!
A few tips; let your hair down more often, have lots of fun, study hard, don't worry and love those who love you, we've turned out okay so far!! <3
A letter to baby meLots o LoveLaura xoxxoxoxoxo
This was quite a personal thing for me to do so I hope you liked it.
Laura x

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