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A Letter Of Thanks I Received From Shell

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum
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Me, Hubby & 2 of our boys


I have been writing my life story and what life is like living with a mental illness, Bipolar in my case and I hope that by writing it it will help at least one other person out there. I promised myself a long time ago when I was feeling low, lost and alone that if I could stop one other mother out there from feeling what I did, then the years of my life have been well worth spent.

My life has not always been easy, I have faced some obstacles that not many do, some parts of my life will always remain hidden, fear of my children ever learning the full truth is what keeps me from disclosing the full extent of the years living with their father. But I have spoken out about the taboo of living with a mental illness and if you can not understand it then please at least accept that having a mental illness does not make you any less of a person.

Having lived with depression since the age of 13, now aged 32 I no nothing different. Some days are harder than others but each day I fight back at my demons and continue to battle on in the hope of helping others.

I recieved this rather touching message from a mother and thought this a nice place to share it.


Emma,  I have seen you say you write your story, to help people, or even just one person. I wanted you to know you have helped me. I’ve read ALL of them and at times its like you have been in my head. My past is, well you know some of the stuff iv been through, and theres still a lot you don’t know. nobody knows but I can identify with your past thoughts and feelings so much.

You inspire me, and give me hope that we can all overcome, that I can overcome and maybe one day conquer my demons. People like you Emma, you walk the hardest path, you fight with your heart for everything you have and you never take what you have for granted. Your a fighter and still one of the bravest people im proud to know. Dont give up educating people about mental health, the thoughts , the feelings and dont think for one second your not achieving anything. Your amazing ♥

To follow my story you can find the latest chapters of Living With Bipolar

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