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A Lesson from HMV's Ignorance Towards Online Innovation

Posted on the 08 February 2013 by Discerningdigital @DigiDiscern

A very interesting interview was aired today on Radio 4’s You&Yours, with the ‘HMV Insider’ Philip Beeching (tasked with HMV’s advertising for over 20 years).

HMV lack of online investment

In the interview he states that “the single biggest mistake was a lack of investment in Online… dating back as far as the late 90’s”. Beeching reveals how he was delivering a presentation that attempted to advise the leadership team at HMV about digital change when he was cut short, only for his advice to be refereed to as “a load of old nonsense” and that “online downloading was a flash-in-the-pan”.

Most revealing was his account that HMV really needed to make a big call, to set up a new business that would have cannibalised their own, traditional business model in order to survive.

Click here to listen to the full (7 minute) interview

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