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A Late Late (very Late) Birthday Party

By Ofanselm @ofanselm
Last weekend we finally threw a birthday party for the kids! It was our first one - even though Izzy turned two last Christmas and Paschelle turned one right after the New Year. I figured we should squeeze one in while we can. We had a backyard full of kids playing in the sprinklers and making good use of our kids' dress-up clothes. Everyone chowed down on some cheese burgers and pretzel dogs, and later in the afternoon we had some cake and ice cream and my brother made fun of my striped straws and wooden spoons. He just doesn't understand.

This summer is starting out on a pretty sweet note! Next weekend we're going to a theological conference - and we actually have a babysitter! I'm gonna be able to take notes for the first time since Paschelle was a sleepy baby! Very happy.

I'm off to make a quick dinner and then an evening prenatal visit. We're down to the weeklies, people! Okay, I'll try to talk about something other than pregnancy soon :)

A late late (very late) birthday party
P.S. Pop over to Bri's blog The Secret Life of Bee today! She's featuring me in her post series entitled Read My Lips. Thank you Bri!

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