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A Kindred Spirit!

By Travelingdivas

HOLLYWOOD—With Thanksgiving less than a week away, celebrities are already finding ways to give back. While society may call it “Giving back,” it should be called “Giving from the kindness of your heart.” Doing the right thing means that you are a giving person, and that’s exactly what Justin Timberlake did on November 12. It was just last week that we mentioned the power of YouTube. Obviously it worked for Cpl. Kelsey DeSantis, who made a video asking JT out to the Marine Corps Birthday Ball.

According to published reports, many celebrities got invited in the annual Marine Corps Ball. A young gentleman asked Mila Kunis to be his escort, and she accepted, while another fine man asked Betty White to be his date, however, she declined due to prior commitments. Justin did a wonderful gesture: he promised and showed up. He could have done so many other things that evening, yet he chose to do a giving thing for a fan who truly wanted to be with him. He could have spent the evening with Jessica Biel, but opted to attend the ball, which just speaks so highly of him. What a kindred spirit!

Another kindred spirit is singer Annie Lennox, who has recently opened up about her battle with panic attacks to help fans who suffer from the same problem. The former Eurythmics front woman has apparently suffered a long time and finally admits that she has had a fear of flying along with “excruciating stage fright” before her concerts. She recently opened up on a blog, titled “Beating stress under Duress.”

Stress can bring a lot of pressure, especially around the holidays. People could turn to drinking, smoking or even overeating, which can cause extra weight gain. By no means am I calling Miley Cyrus overweight. However, last week some people tweeted that her face looked fuller, so Miley took to her Twitter account, which has millions of followers to blast off. The rant was to blast the media, we suppose, for saying that she looked a bit on the heavy side. I guess by Hollywood standards, some might think that, but in actuality wasn’t Marilyn Monroe decades ago a size 12? Marilyn Monroe was a definite sex symbol. It all began on November 11, when Miley retaliated and posted a pic of an anorexic girl and stated by saying these things that girls would get the wrong impression and become like that. The teen queen immediately received positive feedback from friend Demi Lovato, who has suffered from an eating disorder and has heard similar remarks from the media. The two friends shared empowering tweets to their fans' delight.

These two stars were sticking up for one another and bringing a positive image to their millions of fans. Sometimes the media suggests that a celebrity is “fuller” because they are trying to either determine if the celebrity is expecting, drinking or taking pills that sometimes makes you bloat. Miley Cyrus did what any other person with chutzpah would do, and that is to speak up. These two teen queens have a lot to endure. They certainly do not need the media to point out their body image. They seem to be on the same page on this extreme, sensitive subject.

Rose’s Scoop: Whatever happened to singing sensation Susan Boyle? According to published reports, it seems that Susan wants to collaborate with Kings of Leon. The Scottish singer has just landed her third number one album in three years.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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