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A Hundred Hopes

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
I had been wanting to start a blog for a while now, but just didn't know what to start with! Then last night, I was reading a quote of Rumi taken from his book of poetry, Mathnawi and it said, "Unless You give no one gives.O Creator, unlock the gates of your bounty."He turned his face to heaven and said,"No one knows my devotion save You.You put that prayer into my heart.You raised a hundred hopes."A Hundred Hopes
And it brought a thought to me, besides I really liked how 'A hundred hopes' sounds! I usually write about something I relate to or about something that's happening in the world that I feel strongly about. So combine all of that, and I wrote a poem last night after a long time, which really gave me the final push towards the whole blog idea. 
This poem has been influenced with the current situation in the world like the Arab spring, the state of my country and the joys and sorrows of daily life.
A Hundred Hopes 
A hundred candles are litIn a church, a hundred prayers are madeIn a mosque, a hundred strings are tiedIn a temple, a hundred hopes of menFor a hundred many thingsA hope of peace instead of terror A hope to defeat the oppressorA hope to make a memory aliveA hope to hear a voice, or feel a touchFor a second timeA hope of ease instead of painA hope to see the sun after rainA hope to grow old with graceA hope to keep up with the worlds paceA hope to love againA hope to smile carefree and carelesslyA hope to live in a world fearlessly Where exists only love and toleranceA hope to love A hope to hopeA hundred hopes that can never be reckoned ...Please do let me know if you liked it or not. :) Until then, hoping and praying for a better world! 

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