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A Horsey Weekend

Posted on the 01 June 2016 by Cheekymeeky

This weekend has been fabulous, exciting, and nerve-wracking all in one go. I am going to break down all the weekend goings-on over a couple of posts, because yes, that much happened.

First up, and in this post, I am going to blather on about Piglet's excitement over starting horse-riding classes this weekend.

Piglet has always been very enthusiastic about animals (elephants in particular), and we always wanted him to experience the fun of an elephant ride.

Alas! No options were available to us, and so when someone mentioned that there were horse-riding classes available close by, and that the horses were really gentle and mild, and ideal for small kids, we thought we'd give it a try to see if Piglet likes it.

A Horsey Weekend
A Horsey Weekend

On the big day, Piglet was really game for it. That is, until he saw the actual size of the horses.

It was then time to hoist a screaming, howling, and wriggling Piglet on to the horse. Somehow I managed to get his helmet fastened on, and watched with bated breath and mounting terror as the horse trotted on with a wailing Piglet and his teacher clutching him tightly seated behind him.

Soon they were out of eye-shot, and I sat down to acquaint myself with parents of the other kids in the class. Or that is what I ostensibly did. In reality, my ears were pricked and my eyes were strained trying to catch some glimpse of Piglet and reassure myself that he was all right.

Thankfully, when they finally returned, I saw a calm and composed Piglet sitting alone on his horse and holding on like a pro.

Phew! What a relief that was.

The whole day he excitedly chattered about his horse riding experience to anyone and everyone he came across - even totally random strangers. The next day, we went through the same sequence of events again, and this time Piglet confirmed that he wants to continue the classes.

Knowing my inconstant Piglet's moods, I know I can't depend on this being a long-term hobby, but for now, I am rather enjoying Piglet's sweet enthusiasm for this sport.

In addition to that, it is very pleasant to be able to spend a couple of hours breathing in the fresh open air (a rarity in our over-polluted congested city), and just spending time with the horses and the open fields.

Contact details if you are interested in horse-riding classes in Bangalore:

Agram Riding and Polo Academy
ASC Centre and College
Bangalore- 560 007

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A Horsey Weekend

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