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A Handcut Cover and Saint Gertrude

By Paperrunway @paperrunway

Bleary eyed and back at the office we sit after a week solid of late nights, early mornings, too much coffee and momentary misplaced sanity.  We have now sent Issue#3 off to the wonderful Theo and his team at Digital Press to weave their magic on the printing press and bring life to “Made by Hand”.  Issue#3 is looking mighty fine if we do say so ourselves!  We were very chuffed when Jonathon Chapman (AKA Mr Yen) agreed to create the cover for us. Thank you Jonathon we love! It is pretty special don’t you think?  You can pre-order your copy of Issue#3 here

A handcut Cover and Saint Gertrude

Today we would also like to introduce you to Amy Mitchell, Creative Director of Saint Gertrude Design and Letterpress, a boutique design studio and letterpress workshop in Melbourne, Australia.

Amy launched her new website for Saint Gertrude today, you would have to agree that it looks lovely.  Well done Amy for your meticulous (she calls it “obsessive compulsive”) attention to detail, it looks fabulous.

We love how Amy describes herself on her website.

In the 80s, Amy was a daydreaming kid who wore bubblegummers and wanted to be a private detective when she grew up. She collected writing sets (and penpals) and busked with her recorder
at Christmas.

In the 90s, Amy was a serious teenager who dyed her hair black and wanted to be a writer when she grew up. Her bedroom walls were plastered with magazine ads and things she thought were beautiful.

In the 2000s, Amy was a Melbourne Uni Arts student, a travelling nomad, an ad agency schlep,
an ad agency semi-schlep and a travelling nomad again. Disillusioned with all the ad agency schlepping, she launched her design boutique in 2009 as a result of the desire to create real work for real people, made with her own (very real) hands.

In 2011, she is a designer, letterpress printer, business owner and mum.

Together with her trusty mate Gordon (the hard working 100-year-old platen press) they create stunning wedding, event and social invites.

A handcut Cover and Saint Gertrude

A handcut Cover and Saint Gertrude

A handcut Cover and Saint Gertrude

Visit Saint Gertrude online at

x Nikki and Maree

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