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A Good Time For Reflection

By Joanigeltman @joanigeltman

As this is the first day of the Jewish New Year, rather than write my usual blog I thought I would share this with you. Rosh Hashanah is "my" holiday. This is the one holiday that I host every year. I love the rituals, the food, and the people who share our table. Last year I wanted to mark this holiday in a new way so I searched for something that would be meaningful for everyone, no matter how old, and no matter where and what was going on in each of our complicated lives. Everyone at the table was moved and so I thought I would share it here. One thing I love about this holiday is that it emphasizes the importance of reflection, or taking stock of our own lives, who and what is really important. No matter what religion or belief each person has, taking the time to think about ourselves is a gift we give to ourselves and those whose lives we touch. So please, take a moment and think about your life.
As we stand at the threshold of a New Year, we pray:
May our dear ones be near to us, And may our near ones be dear to us.
May our road of life be straight and smooth; But may it also be marked by hills that challenge, And by turns which add variety and interest to our journey.
May our ideas have wings, but may they always find anchor in reality. May our lives be peaceful, but may our minds grapple with ideas, and our hearts wage war with cruelty and deceit.
May our storehouses be full, and our hearts fuller still. May we learn to find joy in that which we have, rather than regret for that which we have lost.

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