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A Good Friday?

Posted on the 30 March 2013 by Jamesswezey
A Good Friday?My work week has come to a stunningly welcome end. It has been quite busy and at times quite stressful, but today when I was working with a client, I realized how rewarding it could actually be as well. I suppose that's part of the conundrum of my job/career; high stress at times, but with the potential to have a good deal of personal satisfaction. Anyways. Writing has been nominally non-existent, although I did come up with a good idea today while I was driving through all of the wretched city traffic around lunch time today. Of which I suddenly cannot remember. How maddening. Oh well, perhaps it will come to me tomorrow when I don't think about it. My sister and brother in-law got a dog, chocolate lab, and it's still a puppy but has a good bit of training already. I wish that I had that much energy as he does, I wouldn't be so tired after work perhaps. I just finished watching Lions for Lambs which stars Meryl Streep, Tom Cruise, Robert Redford (who also directed it), and Andrew Garfield. It was honestly somewhere between boring and bad, or most likely both and everything in between. It certainly wasn't one of Meryl's better roles, nor Tom Cruise for that matter. There were 3 separate story lines that kind of wove together towards the end of the film, but it was very confusing and choppy at first; certainly not Robert Redford's best moment, although his performance of his character very compelling and the only part of the film that was remotely interesting and worth watching. Andrew Garfield's character annoyed me so much though unfortunately despite his vast talent. The film is about a journalist interviewing a U.S. Senator about a new plan to....deal with the military problems in Afghanistan, then there is a professor trying to persuade a student to stay the course in class, followed by two dudes in the military fighting side by side in Afghanistan. It was a small intimate film, but it wasn't put together very well. I'm definitely giving it a "Yearning Ability" and I don't think I would recommend anyone to  watch it. We shall how productive the weekend shall be. I would like to hope for something, but with my current track record, I don't know how possible that is. Oh I hope that everyone has been keeping an eye on North Korea, and their threats to target South Korea and U.S. bases and soil, not to mention that Iran is very close to acquiring a nuclear weapon. These are only some of the examples of a world void of leadership, not to mention the nasty Syrian Civil War which continues to only escalate and displace people aside from the 70,000 people plus that have been killed. I have a feeling that U.S. President Obama is going to have a very rough 2nd term as his power wanes and fizzles in the world, and domestically as well. Well good luck everyone and good night.
Lions for Lambs trailer

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