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A Glimpse into Jomike Tejido’s Mind

By Maytpapa

Author-illustrator Jomike Tejido is also a licensed architect and a one-time TV host.  His works as author and illustrator of children’s books have won awards and recognition in the Philippines and abroad. Jomike is also the wonderfully inventive creator of Foldabots and Robotars toy books.

A glimpse into Jomike Tejido’s mind

I illustrate because it’s fun to do, and it gives life to made-up characters and places. It’s like watching scenes from a movie, and you get to create the most important and visually effective segments.

I write in order to illustrate books that have the exact elements that are interesting to me. I put past experiences, inspiring pictures, and people’s attitudes into my stories that i like to highlight or satirize. I also enjoy putting hidden visual substories in my art, and whenever apt, some symbolisms/microcosms that readers can derive in their second or third reading. Lastly, I enjoy how it can serve as an inspiration for creative kids to just go for it—may it be writing, drawing or building something awesome.

A glimpse into Jomike Tejido’s mind

Jomike’s “Tagu-Taguan” (Tahanan 2009) was among the six books selected for the National Children’s Book Awards Best Reads for 2008 and 2009.  His other book that was likewise recognized with the same award was “Lub-Dub, Lub-Dub” (Bookmark 2009) which was written by Russell Molina.

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