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A Friendly Rainout

By Theomnipotentq @TheMightyQuinn
The Red Sox may have gotten a gift from above on Wednesday, in the form of a rainout.
They have a day off on Thursday, so they will now have two full days off before facing the Blue Jays at Fenway on Friday night.
The rainout also means that John Lackey has been bumped from his scheduled start, and will not make another until the Red Sox hit the road in Oakland next Tuesday night.
There are two schools of thought on this subject, as some will argue that getting out there right now and playing is better than having a two-day wait to play the next contest.
But with the way Lackey has pitched in 2011, I'll take this rain as a good omen.
The Red Sox play the Rays again in August, and they have a mutual off-day on August 15th, and that maybe the day they make up the rainout.

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