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A Foundation & Concealer In One?

By Hollysbeautybox @hollysbeautybox

I am ALWAYS happy to see a Clinique parcel coming popping on through my letterbox (Thanks lovelies!!) but as soon as I see "2 in 1" I am automatically turned off from the product. I'm not really a sucker for a gimmick - give me pretty packaging and I'm sold - but 2 in 1 products don't really float my boat. With that said,  Clinique never fails to impress, so I had high hopes that the beyond perfecting 2 in 1 foundation & concealer was going to live up to it's description.
A Foundation & Concealer In One?
Being Fair skinned and prone to redness (yay! To being Scottish!) I regularly find it hard to find a good foundation shade for me. Its even harder finding a good concealer given that it should be lighter than your foundation so I was kind of hoping (naively) that I could find the perfect foundation shade that would work as both but sadly, the lightest shade Is too dark for me.
The applicator is like a giant concealer wand. It gets into any nooks and crannies, like the side of your nose, With ease and really helps control how much product you use which, as an overuser of product (I always over compensate) Was warmly welcomed.
In terms of coverage, this is definitely a medium coverage foundation which verges on full coverage depending on how heavy handed you are with the applicator. I prefer a medium coverage rather than full for foundation but a full coverage for concealer, so I just pinpoint places on my face that I feel need a little bit of extra coverage, like spots, dark eye bags etc
In terms of the finish of this, I would say it gives you a dewy complexion which is quite highlighting. The finish of this actually remind me of an old school Maxfactor foundation (I can't remember the name of it, but it was released about 10+ years ago!). I definitely need to powder this, particularly in naturally oily areas because it's glowy to the point of greasy if you don't. It transfers quite easily too when touched so regular powder touch ups (every couple of hours) wouldn't go a miss.
In general, I really like this foundation but the shade selection could do to be expanded to cater to both lighter skin tones and darker skin tones. This is probably something that will be rolled out as time goes on but if you're super pale, or super dark, I would say you might not find a match.
The '2 in 1' is definitely not a gimmick because it starts out as a medium coverage and builds to full coverage as you add more for concealing. It works pretty well for both and I actually like the applicator wand.
The finish was nice but a little bit too dewy for me. This is definitely just a personal preference and if you like having that kind of complexion then this is right up your street.

Have you tried the Clinique 2 in 1 Beyond Perfecting foundation & concealer?
H x

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