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A Firetruck and A Haircut

By Myjoneses
So I had a whole post planned for tonight about our how quickly our little boys are changing and my recent approach at working with expectations and disappointments.  But I couldn't pass this up:
We've been working on Cy off and on for the past couple of weeks to let Sean cut his hair.  Well tomorrow is school picture day so it was all or nothing tonight.  This is what those two came up with.
Sean was working on Cy on the ride home tonight saying they could play barbershop and cut his hair.  While Cy spelled it out for him and listed everything they would have to do, that the "girls" have at famous hair.  Scissors, a cape, a treat oh and a special car chair that he gets to sit in.
Sean said I have an idea and those two worked away at a cardboard box as I made dinner.  And they created Cy's very own Firetruck seat.  That's right here it is fastened, taped, to the kitchen barstool. A Firetruck and A Haircut
A Firetruck and A Haircut
A Firetruck and A HaircutCy even got a steering wheel and dashboard inside. Well it worked he couldn't wait to get in his special car and with almost little fuss Sean worked away at cutting his hair.A Firetruck and A Haircut
A Firetruck and A Haircut
A Firetruck and A Haircut
A Firetruck and A HaircutDaddy Joneses Barbershop was a success and his first customer went away happy and all trimmed up.  Daddy's waiting for his 2nd customer to be referred, baby jones, but this momma is still too stubborn and not ready to part with those baby curls.  We'll pencil him in a few more months down the road.A Firetruck and A HaircutAll ready for his big photo day.  What two big boys and a cardboard box can get into... gotta love it.A Firetruck and A HaircutSubscribe in a reader

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