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A Final High Scholl Graduation

By Tamera Beardsley @tamerabeardsley
A Final High Scholl Graduation
Huntermy youngestgraduates high school today.
Another life milestonefor all of us in the family.
Another reminderof the power oflearning to Hold On andLet Go.A Final High Scholl Graduation
A day to reflect onjust how much I love this guy.
To adore the little boy he wasandmarvel at the man he is becoming.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
To remember when he was fourand I daily dressed him and his siblingsHunter after seeing the other kidsat school as we dropped off his older brother and sister was the first to decidehe wanted to dress differentlythan I had chosen.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
He explained his reasoningclearlywithout conflict.At fourhe already had a voiceof his own
andnew clothes were purchased.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
Hunter has alwaysbeen the most intuitiveperson I have ever known.
When he was little and we would watch TV togetherhe would turn to look to see if I was tearing up at a showeven seconds beforeI even knew it was to begin.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
How do you sum upeighteen years …of being so proud of someonefor knowing their pathand being able to makes choices to get there.
When hunter was 15
 he decidedhomeschooling was not what he wantedand he chose to transfer into ourneighborhood high schooland  without knowing anyonewalked into the gymand joined the football team.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
Sticking with it through the seasoneven when it wasn't everything he had hoped.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
As Hunter graduates todayI am ever so proud ofnot only of the man of character he has become
but the people he has chosen to be in his life.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
Today's graduation also has me reflectingon how very much I have changedfrom my oldest's graduation four years ago.
When as proud as I was of my daughterand her accomplishmentsI was full of fearof what was around the cornerand was beginning to feelthe lossof what had been.
A Final High Scholl Graduation
This time around at graduationI have already been around the  many cornersenough to knoweven as I must let gothere will alwaysbe room and reason to still hold on.
Congratulationsmy dear Hunter.I am so blessed and proud to be your mother.
A Final High Scholl GraduationA Final High Scholl Graduation
As always my friends
I wish you love and joyas you style your life.

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