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A Few Tips for SEO Optimization

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Milanbgd

A lot of people know that the fact that they will have a huge benefit from their site if it is on the first page of the search for their given keyword. Unfortunately, there are people who are not well knowledgeable about the process of SEO optimization, how long it takes and what they can expect at the end. Some people still think that their site will be on the first page of the Google search if they apply it to Google. A similar thing is with meta keywords and meta description, some people give huge credit to these tags and think if they are written well the job is done. Unfortunately, things aren’t exactly like that today (in the past they were) but that is just a small part of the process that is commonly known as website optimization for Google or optimization for search engines…or shortly – SEO.

SEO, time and patience

If somebody thinks you can optimize a site now and have results tomorrow or the next week, they are horribly wrong. Site optimization demands time and which is also important, patience. Search engines need time to find your new, optimized pages, they need time to find new links to your site, to update their index… We mention again, patience plays a huge role in the whole process and when it comes to SEO nothing goes today to tomorrow. If you often change things on your site hoping for better results, it may happen that Google didn’t even have time to index your previous change and you already made a new one so you will never know if it is good or bad.

Update your site regularly

If you want your site to be highly ranked in the search engine for the given keywords, you have to use those keywords on the pages of your site. More precisely, you need to use the desired keywords in various elements of your page like the heading (H1, H2…), the description… There is a possibility that high-ranking is present even if there is no presence of the keyword of the site, but that is mostly when many other highly ranked sites link to your page. Generally speaking, you need to adapt your site so it could be easier found and read by search engines.

Quality and relevant links

Quality backlinks to your site are still a key thing for Google when it comes to off page optimization. Links that are generated automatically by various shady software, scripts and other black hat SEO tools and techniques, won’t be useful to your position and site ranking. It may well happen that your site gets banned or thrown out of the Google search index.

The general rules for links is that the easier it is to get to the link on some site, the less influence it has on Google position of your site. The owners of the sites and webmasters should try to get links from relevant sites with similar themes and the text of the link should contain keywords (but please do not go overboard with this practice). If your site is attractive and has quality content, it will be easier to get quality links for other sites. Avoid buying links, link farms and various link schemes as well as other shady combinations, because that is not the right way to get a good position and Google will surely punish you for those things sooner or later. Read the Google SEO guide where you can find numerous sequences of information and first hand advice.

Choose the right and appropriate keywords for your online business

Also a very important factor is choosing the keywords for your site. You have to find the more relevant keywords for your site so you could later benefit from that. A lot of people get confused and a lot of people want to come out for many keywords which is not totally impossible but demanding and expensive. If we assume that you have an auto service site, you won’t have much benefit if you are on a good position for the words car or automobile. The person who is typing that may want to buy or sell a car or is interested in some performances from certain cars… Optimize your site (for auto service) with the keywords like car service, car services, automobile service, automobile fixing, car fixing, car servicing…

Be realistic

Site optimization for the first page of highly demanded and competitive keywords is possible but you should have in mind that competition you will be facing are old and well ranked sites with a lot of backlinks, so you will have an extremely difficult job to catch up to them. If we take for example that your site has several pages and the competitive sites a few hundreds or thousands with forums, blogs, then you have to improve and upgrade your site if you want to compete with them. Have in mind that search engines want to show the most quality and best sites on the first page. Your site has to first earn trust at the search engines, so it could later enable you to have a high-ranking.

Set the right goals

SEO optimization for Google and other search engines is not just getting a strong Page Rank for your site. The aim is to be as high as possible in the searches but for those keywords that will lead wanted visitors and buyers to your site that are looking exactly for the things you offer. The end purpose of website optimization is to increase sales and have a better business. If the people who find your company using search are pleased with your services, you have yourself new regular buyers that will give a good word about you with their friends and the kin. They will tell them type in Google (your keyword)… People remember that they found your site for that exact keyword. There are various tools on the Internet for finding the right keywords.

So much for now, we hope we helped you at least a bit.

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