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A Few Things I’ve Learnt So Far…

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

…about babies, or at least my baby.

Don’t get tops that are anywhere near tight fitting around the neck – button up tops are much better. Baby goes proper mental if you try and pull a top over her head, she thinks you’re trying to kill her.  Loose fitting ones or button-up ones are much better

Music often, not always, but often stops her crying.  I’m guessing this is okay to do(?)  just wack on some music and it seems to distract her:

3. You don’t really need a pram if you have a sling. Never used it.

A Few Things I’ve Learnt So Far…

4. I also thought child-birth took about an hour, not 3 days! (if you include all the stop-start contractions)

A Few Things I’ve Learnt So Far…

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