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A Few Steps Back Into The Archive

Posted on the 05 February 2011 by Pelski
A Few Steps Back Into The Archive
As the new year slowly begins to pick up steam, and the post-christmas malaise is somehow no longer an acceptable excuse for hyperbole and laziness, one would have thought that 2011 would have seen the arrival of a good new mix or two. Yet, as far as I can see, we are still waiting for the musical nucleus of this calendar year to germinate. Therefore, in anticipation of what may be a few more weeks of disillusioning, hard-drive destroying downloading I am going to instead offer up a few mixes that may have slipped under your radar over the last few years. You will forgive me if I seem to be departing too heavily from the cutting-edge that this blog so consistently inhabits but, in the absence of any current stimulus, these will hopefully steer through the impediment of a month that is February.
A Few Steps Back Into The ArchiveBreakbot- Dance on Glass Mix
If this mix does not make you happy, I seriously suggest arranging a consultation with the nearest mental health official. The quote from the 1961 film Paris Blues, one of the coolest films of that decade, provides the prologue to a mix which stands toe to toe with the film on just how utterly on point it is. I'm not a fan of disco in the main (Italians do it better! excepted) but this manages to bring together songs which live perfectly on the border of cheesy feel-good and musically superb, a balance one seldom finds in other disco djs. Quite simply, carry this mix with you and your life will improve.
A Few Steps Back Into The ArchiveNicolas Jaar- Fall '08 Mix on Clown and Sunset Records.
I don't really know how Nicolas Jaar happened. I'm sure there are those who can lay claim to having heard of him before everyone else had but as far as I can see he arrived into the world as though he had been dropped out of the Enola Gay. I suppose that, given that he isn't yet 20, he maybe had homework. Anyway. last year Nicolas Jaar suddenly appeared on ipods/phones/pads in every corner of every party. And rightfully so, the boy is a genius, combining pretty much every musical form you could imagine and somehow, maintaining a rhythm and pace to keep up with progressive techno, even when he takes his tunes down to a grinding 60bpm. This mix was the first I heard of him, when someone sent it to me about a year ago. Recorded in 2008 (god only knows how old he was then) this mix completely embodies what I want to listen to when I get home at night. Enjoy.
A Few Steps Back Into The ArchiveGui Boratto - Live @ Cable London (30-01-2010)
As with Nicolas Jaar, this is a live recording of an actual Boratto set from this time last year. It's complete bliss from start to finish, and put together in such an intelligent way that even those well-acquainted with Gui Boratto will be surprised by the sounds this one makes. Gui Boratto has long since been a mysterious character, with rumours circulating of a distinguished career in Architecture and PR that ultimately rendered him an obscure, almost mythological figure. One might have imagined therefore that his arrival to London would have been heralded universally around the internet and promoted beyond belief. Instead, and indeed strangely, the whole thing passed by rather sotto voce. It was not until a good few months later, when browsing soundcloud at the end of a night looking for something to listen to, that I stumbled upon a recording of the mix Senor. Boratto treated Cable to in late January. Although I knew his music rather well, and had listened to his VA-Addicted mix almost religiously, I was altogether unprepared for what was in store. For those fans of “Mix in Key” or any other such programs, this is a masterclass in cohesive mixing. Every song disappears into the next almost unnoticed, forming a blissful testament the innovative and unique way the guy makes music. I actually listened to it earlier on this summer in the garden with my father, a classical music fan, and he was so taken aback by how intelligently it was put together that he started comparing it to the arrangements of Beethoven and Bach. This is probably not everyone’s cup of tea, however, if it is for you, you will know exactly what i am talking about. As an afterthought, I am of course unbelievably jealous of those fortunate people who saw this live. However, in many ways I feel it is probably better to listen to at home on a good set of speakers or headphones. I worry that being in a club would potentially have distilled it somewhat. However, I am certainly in a minority as when Senor.Boratto played in London at the end of July, you couldn’t get a ticket for love nor money.
A Few Steps Back Into The ArchivePlump Djs- "Four Deck Quick Fix" Promo Mix April 2009
As we all know, breaks really is a forgotten genre. Imagine, if you will, the musical spectrum represented as a family. We would probably have techno and house playing sort of grandparent roles, and all other genres assuming thereafter some kind of relevant position within this familial heirarchy. With that in mind, I like to think of breaks as the wayward uncle, who only appears on necessary holidays, has clearly done far too many drugs, and more often than not is only capable of contributing unintelligible outbursts to the dismay of the assembled company. However, amidst all this nonsense, we are occasionally treated to moments of brilliant insight. This is demonstrated in the mix the Plump djs put out a few years ago in anticipation of the establishment of Grand Hotel Records. From start to finish, this mix is an accomplished symphony of rolling basslines and shattering drops, proving that there is still an inherent value to the confusing morasse of recent breakbeat.
A Few Steps Back Into The Archive
Phaeleh- ElectroDub Vol.6. Mixed by Number9
As we all know, the rigid laws of file-sharing dictate that I am not at liberty to willfully propagate or aid the downloading of pirate music via this blog. In another, more anarchistic, world I would have just put these songs up individually. However, out of respect to the brilliant artist 'behind the music' I must restrict myself proffering a mix Number9 has done which more or less brings his best tracks together. In my honest opinion, I think the tracks work better individually, and I would strongly urge you to have a look at this guy on youtube and find out for yourself which songs you prefer (NB the amount of unbelievably embarassing comments underneath- Americans seem obsessed with creating their perfect situations wherein they would be listening to the song in question. "A joint, ma gurl and the sand" is the sort of hideousness you should be prepared for). The man in question, Phaeleh to be precise, is a real master of downtempo ambient dubstep. A good pair of headphones or speakers are required to do him justice, as the sub-bass that defines his tracks possesses a warmth that you simply do not hear in other, less refined music of the genre. Hopefully this mix will get you excited enough to go and have a look.
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