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A Few Changes for the Blog

Posted on the 20 November 2017 by Cendrinemedia @cendrinemedia

Hello everyone!

As you may know, I am a social media trainer (and French instructor).

For a long time, I worked with all sorts of small business owners and solo-preneurs. Social Media Slant, my award-winning blog, is the place where I shared social media tips and advice for clients and readers.

Then, a few months ago, things changed for me. I decided to only work photographers (and authors). At the same time, I realized that keeping two separate blogs was a waste of resources. Last week, after careful consideration, I closed Social Media Slant and brought all its (relevant) content to this blog.

Actually, Cendrine Marrouat Photography once covered social media tips and advice for independent artists. Its name used to be Creative Ramblings. So, I am going back to the roots of this blog in a way. 🙂

This blog will remain a repository of my photography. However, once in a while, I will share my thoughts and tips on social media. My goal has always been to help you to figure out its basics and enjoy success.

Note that Cendrine Marrouat Photography has a new section: Social Media Resources. There, you will find a list of free resources (social media stats, recommended tools for your business, and useful articles to figure out WordPress), as well as my services. They include social media training, content writing and language instruction.

In other news, I have implemented Google Translate on the website. While automatic translation has (many) flaws, it will allow those who don't speak English to figure out what I talk about in my posts.

You should find the option at the top of your page.

See you tomorrow for part 3 of my visit to Toulouse!

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