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A “Fat” Girl In Disco Pants..

By Beautybliss @BeautyBliss14

Okay, so I have seen a lot of comments lately that have infuriated me. So much so, that I am chucking my newly found schedule out the window for tonight and I am posting a rant! (Again – sorry!).

Basically, according to some people’s (small-minded and ridiculous) opinions, size 14 is too “fat” to be wearing disco pants. My response to that is..excuse my french…bullsh*t. It really, really annoys me that people have the nerve to actually say comments like this, knowing full well that curvy girls will read what they have to say. Yes, they may “look better” on a size 8 girl, but is that going to make me rip them off and set them on fire and swear to never wear them again? Certainly not!

Why the hell is it socially acceptable for people to tell others what they can and can’t wear. Why is it acceptable that comments like this can have disastrous effects on ladies of all ages who suffer with their body image. WHY is it acceptable that there are so many people with eating disorders, depression and low self-worth as a result of another person’s nasty comments?

I don’t have an answer, but I wish it would stop. For all of our sakes.

I have been complemented on wearing disco pants and I like how they show off my curves, but I have also been stared at by the occasional Skinny Minnie who obviously disapproves of my fashion choice. My response? A full on and possibly psychotic stare back. She started it.

In this day of age, everyone should have the freedom to wear whatever they want to wear. Everyoneshould have the freedom to walk down the street without feeling self-conscious that someone will look them up and down and make them feel as if they are some sort of ogre. Everyone should have the freedom to run down the street screaming “I AM CURVY AND I LOVE IT!”. Okay, maybe not the last one as that is a little bit crazy I admit, but you get the point…

Of course, there is the other side of the spectrum, where naturally very thin girls get questioned “why are you so skinny?”. Sorry, what? Why on earth would you ever ask someone that? And what exactly are they going to say to that question without feeling extremely awkward? The truth is that a lot of girls who are natural thin, try their hardest to put on weight but fail (I sometimes wish I had that problem, but I understand how annoying and frustrating it must be for them, especially when they face ridiculously immature and ignorant questions such as “are you anorexic?”). I want to mention this too, because I don’t want people to think that I only believe that the more curvy girls get abuse and rude comments.

Whenever I see comments about weight, I always feel inclined to add my opinion and I will NEVER stand for it being said to anybody, never-mind myself. I have posted numerous times about being a curvy girl and how we should love ourselves, although the sad thing is, it’s not easy to do. I hate my wobbly bits, I don’t like my thighs and I can’t stand my arms and I am sure that some of the ladies out there who believe they are too skinny, struggle with a bit of self loathing on a daily basis too. But, whatever! As long as you are happy and healthy, then screw it.

Don’t ever let someone else put you down and never ever let them tell you that you can’t wear something that you love because you are too fat or too skinny. If you think you look good in something, then you go out there and show your curvy “booty” and voluptuous thighs off to the world! (And to the more slender ladies, you show off your amazing figures too!).

Long live the curvy girl wearing the disco pant. Amen

A “Fat” Girl In Disco Pants..
A “Fat” Girl In Disco Pants..
A “Fat” Girl In Disco Pants..

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By Phil Johnston
posted on 20 January at 22:39

My personal opinion? I think you look fab Love the disco pants! @BeautyBliss14