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A Dry Day

By Sue15cat
A Dry Day
For once yesterday it didn't rain.  
The sun shone in patches, I even risked a few things on the washing line and it didn't, as is my usual way, bring on an immediate downpour.  The workmen used to yell at me for putting washing on the line,  for every time an hour after doing so the heavens would open and they would all be working in big coats and hats for the rest of the day.
No it stayed dry and fresh, well dampishly fresh, but while it was nice I took the dogs for a long walk along the prom at Llandudno coming back through the shopping street for a change of scenery, posted a letter and picked up a rather large bag of dog food on the way back.
I felt like a wimp ... usually I pick up 20kg bags of Layers pellets and Corn without too much difficulty, but this bag of dog feed weighing in at 15kg had me struggling, this cold has obviously knocked the stuffing out of me ... and taken my muscles with it!!
I used to lift and shift 25kg bags of pig feed into and out of the 'Cowavan' ... but I had my ways and means of managing those - see HERE for more on that.
A Dry Day
Now that's a blast from the past, I liked my cowavan  :-)
Sue xx

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