Divorce Magazine

A Dream Job

By Judithmiddleton
A Dream Job Separating is a time of major upheaval and perhaps, some might say surprisingly, many take the view that if their life is changing then they may as well go the whole hog and find a new career too. The trouble is that so many end up following well-trodden paths (becoming a lawyer seemed to be a popular one amongst clients I acted for). Imagine therefore my delight to come across an infographic on dream jobs setting out what the work entails and also what you can expect to earn.
Whilst I have no desire to dress up as Mickey or even  Minnie Mouse, I do confess the prospect of becoming an ice-cream taster (even though I am now happily retired) certainly carries more than a little attraction. Anyone suffering from the effects of a particularly bad divorce may prefer to train as a sommelier; whether they qualify or not,  just trying all that wine during years of training could destroy a few brain cells and help to forget the past (hic..).

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