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A Different Way to Have a Drink in Milan

By Marinacng @MarinaCng
Ape Bistrot, is an original idea for a drink in Milan.  It is a small van that turns into a bar that serves high quality drinks including champagne and wines.  As well as the drinks, visitors have the choice of ordering oysters do go with them.  It is a totally different way to go out and have a drink.  This van relocates around Milan, it does not have a steady address, and people walking by can stop and have a quick drink, or hang around and enjoy a pleasant warm evening in the street.  I highly recommend it for a different experience.

A different way to have a drink in Milan

For more information and to see where it will be located tonight, visit Ape Bistro's website:
Lately I have not been posting regularly as my final exams are coming up, and the work is piling up, so I don't have as much time.  I was also away on a short trip to Rome, a post on it will be coming up soon, but you can see a small preview below.

A different way to have a drink in Milan

Fontana Di Trevi

A different way to have a drink in Milan


Today we are also celebrating the 147th anniversary of the Ionian Islands' unification to Greece which happened on May 21st 1864!

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