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A Definite Overshare

By Danikaherrick @danikaherrick
I contemplated posting this, but it is just too damn funny  and I thought you all might need a laugh this weekend.
 I opened my Kindergartener's backpack this week and inside his folder was plastic bag. I opened it and was shocked to find a pair of my black lace underpants. I was like ??????? / totally embarrassed.
So I asked Joe why my underpants were in his folder. He tells me he found them in the leg of his pants. OK, they must have gotten stuck in the wash... but I'm still thinking "oh shit, really? how many people saw them.."
Then I read the enclosed note:
A Definite Overshare
and I realize the whole class saw them, but it gets even better because the sub... a MAN...  had to deal with the whole thing.
Thank god I have a twisted sense of humor,  because I have not stopped laughing when I think about the entire scenario.  It made me remember a friend of mine's story about a similar thing happening to her teenage son- except in her case they were stuck to his butt of his pants and were a hot pink G-string.
At least these were one of my nicer pairs, and thankfully they were black. Could have been a ratty pair of granny panties.
I'm sure the teacher's room had a good laugh that day! Has anyone else had this happen?

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