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A Darth Vader Burger?

By Roseywinter @roseywinter
I was sifting through my blog reading list when I saw a post by Fitbomb titled "Seven Signs of the Foodpocalypse." Curious, I clicked on the link and was greeted by...
a Darth Vader Burger.

A Darth Vader Burger?

Because dyed-to-be-black food is good for you.

Albeit a clever marketing ploy (I mean, who doesn't love an homage to Star Wars?) I have to admit... this is pretty gross-looking.
And they've even got a Jedi Burger and Dark Burger...

A Darth Vader Burger?

Are those marshmallows in Yoda's burger??

For the rest of the Foodpocalypse list, visit Fitbomb's blog post.

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