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A Daily Serving of Misogyny

Posted on the 01 August 2014 by Juliez

Most do not realize that

they have swallowed you up

today along with their breakfast

and that you are their favorite cereal


Yours is a deceptive brand

claiming to have enough

servings of vitamins

while it is really only

heaps of sodium


Sometimes your sugar

thickens my tongue

so that when my father

says I am a killjoy and


my brother sneers and

calls me a lesbian for choosing

to learn amongst girls

and only girls


I say nothing


They say you are less in

stock nowadays but

as I amble down the supermarket


aisle I see enough of you

leering out at me

to last another twenty years


You are not as rare as they think


And even so, people have eaten

enough of you so that

you sheath the stomach lining

as though they were born with

you as a part of their bodies


In the way gum stays inside

the body for days

you reside for lifetimes


You have made mascots of men

grinning like wolves on the TV

screens and on the colorful boxes

their words as lingering

as the taste of you in their



Women, too, feed you to their

daughters, foisting spoons

through parted lips

and murmuring your slogans

like a mantra, like a lullaby


I don’t enjoy discussing my

distaste for your chalky

aftertaste because many refuse

to believe in your effects


Suddenly I become the antagonist


and because I wear dresses

the purveyors assume I swallow

you up as well and don’t

look at your contents label


when I’m actually just

buying ingredients from

the grocery store to


manufacture a brand

that doesn’t make me gag

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