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A Cursed River

By Vikasacharya

Karmanasa River, is a tributary of the Ganges River. Karmanasa River originates in Kaimur district of Bihar and flows through Uttar Pradesh. Along the boundary between Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, this river covers the districts like the Sonbhadra district, Chandauli district, Varanasi district and Ghazipur district on its left and the districts of Kaimur district and Buxar district on its right. Karmanasa River in India is considered to be a cursed river and it is believed that touching its water would ruin one’s plans.

A cursed river
There’s hardly any development along this river. People around this river just eat dry fruits because cooking food would require water! The name of the river means “destroyer of religious merit”. There are several legends about it. According to one legend, the sage Vishvamitra through tapasya (penance, meditation and correct practices) acquired the power to create a whole new universe. When he set out to create a new universe it aroused consternation in Indra. However, he continued and after creating a copy of our universe, he started creating people, the first being Trishanku whom he decided to send up to rule his new universe. Lord Indra stopped his progress. That is how Trishanku ended up suspended head down in mid-air. The Karmanasa was born out of the saliva dripping from his mouth. (Trishanku is a character in Hindu Itihasa. Trishanku is commonly referred to through mention of “Trishanku’sheaven”. The word Trishanku has come to denote a middleground or limbo between one’s goals or desires and one’s current state or possessions.)

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A cursed river

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